Sunday, July 6, 2014

Clean Air, Cool Breeze in Potipot Island - Candelaria Zambales

My summer weekends were mostly spent appreciating the nature and through this I was able to at least breath a cool summer wind and free myself from the busy life of being an employee.  Last weekend, I and my friend traveled from south to north to check out one of the beautiful islands in Zambales.  It took us almost six hours to reach the place and while on the road we were able to talked and discussed a lot of things including the green energy and what is air intake.  It is very important for my friend since she is driving her car.  There are many regulations that a car owner should follow which includes The Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981.

Anyway, after almost six hours of travel from Manila to Zambales we were able to reached Candelaria where we agreed to spent our weekend.  There were many resort along the shore ranging from 1400 pesos up to 1500 pesos per night.  There were one resort that we really like however we don't like the way the management approached us and so we end up checking in at the Harvest Hotel in which both of us enjoyed our stay.

After checking in, we then headed to Potipot Island which is the famous island in that area.  The easiest access to this island is from Candelaria through boat ride.  The cost of the boat going to and fro in that island cost for about 400 pesos which is already good for four person then there's an entrance fee of 100 pesos per person once you reach the island.  The price isn't so bad and so we decided to go there even if the water was rough.

We were more than glad to check out the Potipot Island because it has an amazing view basically just everywhere.  There were group of people camping in the Island when we arrived and so we just choose one of the tables near the sea to enjoy our lunch before jumping into the sea.  We both love the sea and so after lunch we then decided to swim and did our snorkeling.  We did not see any fish but we did enjoyed watching the grass underneath the sea. 

After few more dipping in the water we decided to explore the island.  The other side of the island was empty and we really enjoyed the water and sand there.  It was as if we owned the entire island that we don't want to go.  It was an awesome feeling being just alone in that beautiful island wherein you don't need to compete with any other person just to enjoy the place.

But just the same, any good things has to end but of course the beautiful memories were added to our bank of happiness.  Here are some of the few pictures that I took to give you a hint how beautiful is the island.

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