Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Boracay Escapade 2014

Wow!  This post is long overdue that I almost forget what happened that day.  Sorry readers as I almost forget that this blog still exist. LOL!  Kidding aside, I really neglect blogging for a long time although in my last post that I should continue blogging again.

Anyway, this trip happened last September 13-16 but I have been so busy with work that I almost forget to blog about it.  This trip was actually a birthday gift for myself last 2014 so even if the weather was not really good that time I and my friend Ivy still push this travel.  But I was so glad that we did because I really enjoyed it a lot.

It was my first time to visit Boracay and just like any other islands that I visited this place has it's own unique beauty that everyone will surely love.  Boracay was known to many local and foreign travelers and was featured countless of times to many articles here and abroad.  Needless to say, Boracay Island is a place you shouldn't miss if ever you visit Philippines. 

Despite of stormy weather that day, I and my friend Ivy arrived in Boracay safe and sound.  It was around 11:00 pm when we finally reached our hotel where we decided to stay for a night and look for another one the following day as we wanted a beachfront hotel and luckily we were able to find a very affordable resort right in front of the beach in Station 2,  it was Casa Pilar Beach Resort!  For the Nipa hut without aircon they charged us 1000 pesos per night with breakfast included.  We love the place as the settings were cozy and nice with huge pool that we enjoyed for ourselves.  Although the room was a Nipa Hut it was clean with huge space and since it was raining most of the time when visited Boracay the absence of aircon was never been a problem.  Location wise, this resort was really good as it was situated not too far from the center and not too close if you don't like the noise.  It has also a direct access to local market making it easy if you wish to check out local goods.  All in all, I will highly recommend Casa Pilar Beach Resort for those who are in a budget travel or even for those who are looking for a nice and cozy place at affordable rate.

Our time were very limited so despite of the rain we explore the island.  Our first day were mostly strolling in the beach near us.  Checking out the area that we can afford to visit in that rainy day.

Of course, we haven't missed the night life of this beautiful Island.  We had our share of drinks while watching the dancers literally played with the fires.  It was an amazing show and although it was a challenging performance I was glad that no one were hurt or burnt for that matter.

Then finally the sun showed up in our last day and although we just have a half day to enjoy the island we were glad to finally tried their water sports.  And because we had a very limited time we decided to try the parasailing which I was glad because I finally crossed that out in my bucket list.  I woke early that day and I was so glad because mother nature never failed to amazed me.  The sun, the sand and sea just gave me so much happiness that I just sit in the sand and watch the beautiful creation of God.  Then at around 9:00 am I and Ivy enjoyed the 15 mins ride in the parasailing.  It was one of the best memories that I will never forget.

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