Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 1 and 2 Hongkong Travel - Mixed of Business and Pleasure

Wow!  So much catching up to do here.  Got so many travels but never had a time posting it here.  But anyway, I hope I can catch up.

Comes October 2014, it's time to fly to Hongkong to attend convention and since we were already there we maximized our time for the convention as well as visiting more of the beautiful places there.  Hongkong is one of the most progressive countries in Asia and it was always been my dream to visit this place as really wanted to see Disneyland.  So here it is!

We arrived Thursday night together of many of the IMG delegates for the convention though actual schedule for the convention was set on Sunday we opted to travel ahead of everybody for the purpose of exploring the country first before indulging ourselves to a whole day of seminars during the convention. 

Friday was our Cable Car kind of day.  We started our day so early so that we will be able to have ample of time to enjoy our day tour.  We went to Ngong Ping Cable Car in Tung Chung to enjoy the ride.  It was actually my first time and since I am not afraid of the heights I did really enjoyed our ride together with my colleagues and friends.


This cable car adventure was not all about riding a cable car but more finding out the treasure at the end of the journey.  Yes, indeed there was a beautiful treasure at the other end waiting for all of us.  All throughout of our journey I enjoyed the sceneries and get excited as I look from a far.   Why not?  When all I see were beautiful sceneries.

Of course, we did not missed the Peak Tram to witness the coveted dancing lights in the buildings scattered around Hongkong.  We were also able to have some photo ops with the wax image of some celebrities.

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