Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 3 - Hongkong Disneyland Day Out!

Well, well, well!  It's time to satisfy the kiddo in me, it's Disneyland at last!  I woke up really early that day because I know that I will have a big day ahead of me.  I can't wait to finally meet Mickey in person.  So first thing first, I need to have a solo picture with Mickey. LOL!  There's a long line of people wanted to have a solo or group picture with Mickey and so we have to wait for our turn, but that's okay because it was all worth the wait.  I had my moment with Mickey.

Indeed, all things in Disneyland were magical.  I like the way the castles and other buildings had been designed and my eyes were feasting in all of it.  There were so much things to see and check for a day!  I wanted to take photos of everything however we only have a day to cherish it all, so I have to get the most out of it and just enjoy every moment that I spent inside that magical place.

As we explore the place the more it gets better and better as I saw the things I only seen in movies.  I enjoyed the rides even the most basic ride of all time. LOL!  I also had fun with the pixies for being one of them for a minute.  I also had fun in the toy storyland as well as the show along the way.  I had fun in the house of Tarzan and Jane and even with Pooh.  I also had a chance to explore the galaxy and so much more!  LOL!  See?  That's how I enjoyed my Disneyland day out.  Need I still have to elaborate my adventure?  Oh the finale!  Yes, I did enjoyed the parade of light and the most awaited fireworks!


Now, I am looking forward to see Disneyland in other part of the world. 

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